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Iā€™m available for both consulting and hands on services so please contact me today .

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What are your primary website objectives? How are you currently making money?

What percentage of your current revenues are being made from the internet?

Who are your biggest competitors?

What previous marketing has had the best Return on Investment for you?

What is your current Conversion Rate?

What have you already tried online?

What is the average visitor worth to your company?

These are all questions that are extremely important to understand because without them I cannot effectively improve your business. I pride myself on being results oriented and I focus on delivering data that my clients can both understand and interpret effectively.

One thought on “Work with Rex

  1. Rob Wray

    Dear Rex,

    I am looking for a temporary consultant to help build traffic on my non-profit’s website and build up their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Please call me at 323 664-3198 to discuss how we might work together.



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