Google Hot Trends and Insights
Google Hot Trends is a measurement of Google search trends. It is similar to Google Trends and Google Zeitgeist, except that it is updated multiple times per day.

The service does not measure the absolute popularity of search terms, but, instead, Hot Trends looks for terms that have rapidly gained popularity relative to their previous rank. I use the data often in my projects.

For instance, Google Engineers have admitted that 50% of searches each month are new phrase and word combinations. That’s why its easy to come up formulas to predict
future keywords and get top ranking for them!

Take topics such as

1. (public figure name) + good morning america/today

2. a seasonal keyword such as (awards show) +
date/performers/nominations/public figure name/start time

3. (sporting event) + date/mvp/start time/death/injury/lineup/winner

4. (holiday/yearly cultural event) + date

6. (tv/reality show) + winner/celebrity name

Google launched the Hot trends service in May of 2007, and it can be found on the Web at

I’ll leave you with a Trends video tutorial from the 30 Day Internet Marketing Challenge on monetizing this goldmine offered by Google.

Also check out Google Insights, another tool that’s insightful into web searchers ongoing searching habit.

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