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Personal Branding Tips From the King of Tech and Ju from FutureDeliveryTV

My first experience of FutureDeliveryTV is of this video, in which their co-founder Jun gives some insight into personal branding. The video is a great beginner and intermediate guide on using social media to brand yourself.

In one of Future DeliveryTv’s latest videos, our own Sean Percival of Tsavo, The King of LA Tech, is interviewed at our headquarters in Santa Monica. In the video, Sean discusses how having your own website is important to branding yourself. This is one of the first things I learned from Sean and the reason I began this amazing blog.

Survery: Video Marketing Number 1 Tactic of Marketers

The numbers are astonishing. YouTube gets more searches than Yahoo. About 100 million people watched videos on YouTube in October, and the average viewer watched 92 videos that month.

eMarketer just reported that video is the number one tactic that US marketers will be focusing on in 2009. According to the story, “Marketers in the US will take a closer look at online video in 2009, according to a survey conducted in December 2008 by PermissionTV. More than two-thirds of respondents said they would focus their budgets on online video this year.”
-Marketers Eye Online Video for 2009 – eMarketer

Google is now producing universal search results, which is a blend of content.  What this means is that the Google search results page is no longer a list of 10 web page links; it now includes videos, news articles, blog posts, images, and more. In turn, this means that SEO isn’t just about tweaking your web site; it’s about creating and optimizing whatever forms of content make sense for your business and industry. In 2009 and beyone, if you’re not doing video marketing, chances are your competition will be.