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Tips For Improving Conversion Rate in e-Commerce Websites

In this video from the Expert Video Series from DocStoc, I share some tips and suggestions for improving the conversion rate of an ecommerce website. Typically, a conversion is when a web visitor performs a specific action on a website, and in the case of e-Commerce, it means purchasing a product. A conversion rate is the percentage of how many people tpyically convert, so if 1 out of every 100 purchase a product, your conversion rate is 1%.

1% is the typical conversion rate of websites, but tweaking parts of the site layout, including critical purchase paths such as the checkout, can increase this number and therefore a business’ revenue. Enjoy the tips.

  1. One Page Checkout – Multiple page checkouts increases the possibility of user dropping out so combine this final step into one page that’s easy to complete.
  2. Trust symbols – Even though people buy online, they still think about credibility. these need to be placed in the header of the site, and the very start of the checkout page and near the add to cart button. From my experience, i’ve seen lots of sites add the conversion rate
  3. One call to action on the home page – generally home page has multiple calls to action, users get distracted, they will go to some other link. If you look at Amazon – the way its laid out, the most important part is clearly targeted, in this case its the kindle.
  4. Lastly, study from the consumer prospect, what is most important to them in your market, and place this deal center in the site.