How To Generate Free Traffic For e-Commerce Websites

I recently did a video series for’s small business expert video series. You can check out all of my videos here, but I will be posting each of the ten videos on my blog so you can learn some tips and tricks on online marketing. Below is one on generating free traffic for e-Commerce Websites. Enjoy!

Below are some of the tips I share.

1. Have unique content for all the category pages – without unique content you cannot rank for a site. every retailer is using the same content, there is no uniqueness and good user experience. its important to put unique content

2. Create multiple sitemaps – all the product and inner pages indexed; problem with sitemaps if you have lots of links in a sitemap, its hard for google to index all of them. separate sitemap for products, sitemap for brands and categories, will index in a proper way.

3. Create unique and proper title tags – it’s till considered the most important on page ranking factor.

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