5 Pointers to Launch a Successful Small Business Campaign (Pt. 3/3)

#4/5. Monitor Traffic and Measure Results Driven from Social Media Sites

Before you launch your campaign, you should already have system to assess your social media efforts. There are certain metrics that deserve special attention. You want to be able to see:

a) How many visitors were redirected to you via social media sites?
b) How many people or converting (clicking through your site and then buying a product or service)?
Essentially, you should be able to determine how many dollars you spent and track the amount of revenue/percentage of revenue generated from your social media campaign.

There are some awesome FREE tools to track where your traffic is coming from. Look into implementing some of these into your data-compiling:

a) Google Analytics and Google E-mail Alerts — it’s free and is easier to install onto your site than getting a cup of coffee from your local Starbucks.
b) Twitter tools like HootSuite & Seesmic can help you track direct messages, @replies, and mentions of your company’s website or products.
c) YouTube/Facebook internal data tracking.

#5/5. Don’t be Afraid to Mix it Up

If you’re not generating the desired leads and sales from your social media campaign after 4-6 months, you might need to take time to reevaluate where else you can be diversifying your efforts.

This can mean finding other places your target audience dwells online or looking into more powerful social media tools.

There isn’t one clear-cut strategy you can employ to positively impact your company’s bottom line. I encourage you to being patient, committed, and, most of all, flexible with your campaign. This is perhaps, the key to making sure it goes off without a hitch so to speak.

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